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Milestone is a community-focused counseling agency providing clinical services to the youth, adults, and families of the Hampton Roads area.

We are seeking employees who value integrity, professionalism and an empowering work environment, and who appreciate having a flexible schedule.

Milestone is looking for qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

  • Intensive In-Home Specialists
  • Mental Health Support Specialists
  • Clinical Assessor
  • Crisis Specialist
Job Descriptions:
    • Intensive In-Home Specialists (QMHP-C): Intensive In-Home Based Services for youth are defined as time-limited interventions provided typically, but not solely, in the residence of a child or adolescent who is at risk of being moved into an out-of-home placement or who is being transitioned to home from an out of home placement due to a disorder that is diagnosable under the ICD-10 (Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services)
    • Mental Health Support Specialists (QMHP-A): This position involves the provision of an array of training, support and ADL’s services conducted within the community setting. Support specialists are responsible for all client related documentation and reports as well as the development and implementation of treatment goals and objectives. Support specialists are required to provide their own transportation. The remaining time will be utilized for service coordination and administrative duties. Position reports directly to Clinical Supervisor. You must maintain a mobile telephone and a DMV license.
    • Clinical Assessor: This position requires the candidate to be fully licensed or currently under supervision of a licensed clinician (LCSW, LPC, or licensed psychologist). The Clinical assessor is responsible for conducting the initial screening, intake, assessment, and diagnostic impression to ensure that and initial treatment plan is developed that will identify the services needed for ongoing care. Clinical assessors are also responsible for the quality assurance of services provided and medical records, coordinating care with other assigned clinicians, peer support, and medical practitioners, working within the agencies systems of care network.
    • Crisis Specialist: Provide brief treatment, crisis intervention, and stabilization services to clients experiencing an acute mental health and substance abuse dysfunction. Maintain a strengths-based client-centered family-focused approach while working with clients to assist in the retention of dignity and the development of intrinsic qualities. Provide one-to-one support and advocacy for client and their family, while modeling how to establish and/or strengthen supportive relationships
    Job Qualifications:
    • Qualifications vary based on each program, however at a minimum, candidates need at least one year of experience with at-risk youth or adults with DSM diagnoses, with a degree in a mental health related field.
    Type of Positions Offered:
    • Full-time
    • Part-time
    Benefits offered to full time employees:
    • Health care benefits
    • Personal Time
    • Competitive Wages

    Please email or fax your resume, cover letter, and application to email: milestone2838@gmail.com.

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