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Here at Milestone

We offer affordable counseling and psychotherapy for adults, youth, and families. Individual, family, and group counseling are implemented throughout the day, evening, and weekends. We produce the highest level of care in providing psychological services, with therapists who are culturally and linguistically contemplative of our diverse community. All of our clinicians use Trauma-Informed Care practices.

Techniques Used:

Outpatient therapy is well suited for individuals who have identified difficulties and symptoms that are not severe enough to require hospitalization or residential care, and it can represent a step down from more intensive forms of care such as intensive in-home services.

REFERRALS We welcome referrals from community professionals, school administrators, employers, teachers, parents, physicians, outside therapists, and more. Please call our office for more information at 757-606-2802.


Milestone now offers psychiatric services in addition to individual, group, and couples counseling. Licensed clinicians provide our services with years of experience with a wide variety of issues, including severe mental illnesses or change of life issues.

We accept Medicaid, self-pay, and CSA funding. We are also approved through the following insurances: