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Therapeutic Day Treatment

Many students, particularly those with emotional issues, find it difficult to cope with school pressures and expectations and behave in ways that interfere with both their success and the success of other students. Milestone's Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) program provides crisis support to eligible students inside the school so that teachers can focus on teaching, and students can focus on succeeding.

Through our TDT program, we provide interventions and therapy services, in both the school and home, designed to successfully address a child’s mental health, emotional, and behavioral issues that create a barrier to learning. Typically, Milestone’s mental health service providers work on the same schedule as the school teachers and offer additional flexibility to meet student and school needs.

Milestone’s qualified staff are available on teacher workdays and before and after school for collaborative meetings, family sessions, and other events. Additionally, 24-hour crisis support is available to all our students.

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